About Us

Amy Brady

I first became interested in regulation when I worked as a cleaner at an apparently excellent hospital.  No-one notices the cleaner and I worked unnoticed in dozens of wards.  The physical and emotional care varied from above and beyond towards newborns to seeming indifference and neglect of the elderly – even towards extreme pain.

PRECEPTS aims to improve the protection of vulnerable groups such as this and I am pleased to play a part.

John Brady

Before starting PRECEPTS I was Principal Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, UK. There I developed major national projects of training and qualification for inspection staff in health and social care regulation agencies (See Our Experience Pages).  I developed an international MSc in Regulation, Inspection and Improvement.

My interest in regulation is:

  • Encouraging a pracademic knowledge base for regulation and scrutiny
  • Clarifying regulatory tools and strategies and their relationship to outcomes for end users, and
  • Supporting the citizen to gain more control in regulatory processes.

PRECEPTS develops these interests. It is a social enterprise with social aims supported by trade, research and consultancy. It seeks partnerships and affiliations to improve the practice of regulation.

In 2014 John gained a merit in a management of charities and social enterprise qualification.

John and Amy are vegans and support animals in need.

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