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Regulation: Audit, Inspection, Standards and Risk – A Handbook for Street-level Regulators

Second Edition in paperback

‘A splendid contribution’,  John Braithwaite, Australian National University.

It’s a very useful and distinctive contribution to the literature on regulation, a hands-on approach that will be of considerable value to front-line regulators’, Neil Gunningham, Australian National University,


In Regulation: Audit, Inspection, Standards and Risk we explore how the street-level regulator copes with the commonplace dilemmas of the job:

  • Making consistent judgements
  • Working with people to improve outcomes
  • Keeping up with essential knowledge
  • Identifying the end-user
  • Collecting reliable evidence
  • Managing relationships
  • Gauging the limits of trust.

This unique, fully referenced paperback covers the following:

  • Regulation and standards
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Planning the inspection or audit
  • Carrying out inspection and audit
  • Improvement and enforcement.

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Sample chapter available here