A Practical Book on Inspection

Unlike other books on regulation this is a practical guide on how to inspect. Written in an accessible style, this unique text contains comprehensive sections on Risk, Standards, Planning, Audit, Inspection and Improvement. The book provides a  stage-by-stage guide to an inspection or audit using the model ‘Plan, Inspect and Improve’, stages designed to identify problems and to promote improvement. Any stage can be modified or removed dependent on the regulators environment. Authoritative and fully referenced, it is approximately 42000 words and available in paperback.

A splendid contribution,  John Braithwaite, Australian National University.

It’s a very useful and distinctive contribution to the literature on regulation, a hands-on approach that will be of considerable value to front-line regulators, Neil Gunningham, Australian National University,

In Regulation: Audit, Inspection, Standards and Risk we explore how the street-level regulator copes with the commonplace dilemmas of the job:

  • Making consistent judgements
  • Working with people to improve outcomes
  • Keeping up with essential knowledge
  • Identifying the end-user
  • Collecting reliable evidence
  • Managing relationships
  • Gauging the limits of trust.

This unique, fully referenced paperback covers the following:

  • Regulation and standards
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Planning the inspection or audit
  • Carrying out inspection and audit
  • Improvement and enforcement.

Sample chapter available here

You can find out more about the book here, look inside feature enabled – doesn’t go into your basket.


Front cover of book

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